Lab Products

Abbott-Robinson® Bristle Brushes

High quality natural bristle brushes

Abbott-Robinson® Bristle Brushes and Dental Lab Burs offer high quality and performance!

Abbott-Robinson® Bristle Brushes- Classic, high quality natural bristle brushes ideal for cleaning and polishing of denture acrylic, cleaning inter proximal spaces after denture de-flasking, and for general polishing applications. These brushes excel at applying polishing materials and at polishing of lab processed composites, metals, and ceramics.

Features and Benefits:

  • Durable design features permanently attached bristles for improved performance and extended life without flaring

  • Available in Soft, Standard Stiff, and Extra Stiff bristles for use in all polishing, finishing, and cleaning tasks

  • Solid Carbon-Steel plated HP mandrels for excellent fit and durability

Buffalo Knives

The Industry Standard For Quality and Performance!

Knives With Rosewood Handle – Highest quality, ultra-sharp carbon steel blades permanently riveted to hand-rubbed rosewood handles.

Knives With Green Line Enameled Handles – Highest quality, ultra-sharp carbon steel blades attached to ergonomic enameled handles.

Autoclavable Knives – Sharp, stain-resistant blades permanently attached to durable plastic handles.

Buffalo Spatulas

World-Renowned Quality and Durability!

Finest quality stainless steel blades permanently riveted to hand-rubbed rosewood handles.


Lever-Type Amalgam Carrier

Patented Easy-Disassembly Amalgam Carrier!

The Millennium lever-type amalgam carrier sets the standard for easy disassembly and fast cleaning of amalgam carriers. No more difficult handling of tiny screws and small screwdrivers to take apart the lever head. With Millennium, you simply push in and hold the Release Butt on on the side of the handle, gently push down on the curved end until it clears the flat spring, and pull out the end. That’s it!

It’s an incredibly precise mechanism in an ingeniously clever system, and it makes peaceful coexistence with FDA instrument cleaning recommendations easier than ever before.

Order one today from your favorite full service Dental Dealer, or call Buffalo Dental for more information

Features and Benefits:

  • Patented Push-Button Release Heads
    Makes handling, cleaning and complying with FDA recommendations easier than ever before
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
    Helps resist corrosion and increase life
  • Classic Double-Ended Design
    Provides excellent handling and performance

Trap-Eze™ Disposable Traps

Sanitary, convenient solutions for the capture of sink waste

Useful in Dental Offices and Laboratories, Medical Offices, Ceramic Clay and Pottery facilities. Beauty and Hair Salons*(with internal cartridge). Hobby, Craft, and Workshop areas, Industrial, Food Preparation and Jewelry Shops (with internal cartridge).

Features and Benefits:

  • Economical trap systems designed to slow water discharge flow rate and allow sediment to settle out of waste water
  • Fast and easy installation and trap replacement
  • No permanent traps to clean or messy liners to replace
  • Made in the USA

Trap-Eze™ BT Bottle Trap

The new Trap-Eze™ BT provides a convenient and easy to use bottle-style trap for permanent plumbing into the existing sanitary drain beneath the lab sink. The replaceable bottles feature excellent capacity and are fast and easy to replace.

Trap-Eze™ Cartridge Trap

The new Trap-Eze™ Cartridge Trap, specifically for Salons and Jewelry stores. This trap functions like our other Trap-Eze™ traps but with the added benefit of catching fine materials (gold) via our Jeweler’s version and drain clogging particulates and materials from various salon products and procedures via our Salon version.

Trap-Eze™ SS (Odor Control)

Original classic Trap-Eze™ upgraded to include an automatic odor control system to keep it smelling fresh and clean.

Original Classic Trap-Eze™ Disposable Trap

The original classic Trap-Eze™, made of high-strength plastic and permanently sealed lids.


For HAPPIER Hands Today!

If you’re tired of wearing gloves all day and having to deal with dry, cracked hands after use, then you need Glove Comfort!

Glove Comfort was designed to help lock-in your skins natural moisture while in the sometimes harsh environment of being stuck in a glove all day. Most lotions attempt to replace natural moisture with artificial moisture. That requires constant reapplying of lotion because your skin actually starts supplying less of its own moisture. With Glove Comfort you can eliminate this issue, keeping your hands fresh, moisturized, and “happier” during glove use.

Features and Benefits:

  • Waterproof- Will not wash off
  • Comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells

  • Fragrance and colorant free

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Helps retain your own natural moisture


Permanent Soft Relining Material

MOLLOPLAST-B is an industry-leading heat-processed silicone material that stays soft permanently and features decades of documented success in denture reline cases. The material bonds firmly to new or existing acrylic dentures, and stays elastic and bacteria free for years.

Features and Benefits:

  • Single component silicone
  • Heat-curing

  • Easy to use with dental flasks: can be polymerized either in water batch or microwave

  • Strong bonding to any denture base, to new and old dentures alike

  • Time saving feature: can be polymerized simultaneously with acrylates

  • Resistant to the influences of the oral environment
  • Contains no substances of swelling and no plasticizers
  • Non-irritant, tissue-compatible, clinically tested and scientifically documented

  • MOLLOPLAST-B relinings will remain soft and elastic even after years of wearing

Disposable Crown & Bridge Articulators

Buffalo Dental is pleased to announce the availability of disposable crown & bridge articulators in value packages of 50 pieces or bulk value packages of 1040 pieces.

Each two-piece articulator is manufactured of tough, clear plastic to improve strength and accuracy, and is individually wrapped for increased protection.

The articulators are ideal for basic case presentation and functional evaluation purposes.

The articulators are available directly from your favorite Dental or Laboratory Products Dealer, or contact Buffalo Dental for more information.

Finishing & Polishing Products

for Mollosil® plus and Molloplast-B®

The successful completion of high performance soft relines requires the use of the correct set of instruments and polishes, in the correct sequence, to obtain the highest quality results. The following products from Buffalo Dental, used in the suggested steps, produce the optimum final surface quality in the shortest time for Mollosil plus and Molloplast-B relines.

Step 1 – Reduction: SoftGrind™ Grinding Sleeves

Step 2 – Finishing: Pre-Polishers

Also available-

For one-step trimming and gross reduction of Mollosil plus and Molloplast-B surfaces are the original MOLLOCUTTER Steel HP Burs in an assorted pkg. of 3 (#62280).

And for general grinding an d smoothing of relined surf aces, request our original Mollobrasive HP Stone Points in an assorted package of 3 (#62290).

Stalite™ Special Solution

Unique solution helps make harder, smoother, and more accurate stone models & dies


Features and Benefits:

  • Use instead of water with gypsum to create models and dies that are consistently harder, stronger, smoother and more abrasion resistant

  • Creates harder models with more flexural strength to resist breaking, chipping and abrasion

  • Saves time by promoting consistent, thin mixes with less bubble formation

  • Smoother final surfaces help improve model and restoration accuracy

  • Improved freeze-stable formula

  • Can be used with all gypsums
  • No significant setting expansion