Millennium Amalgam Carriers

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Lever-Type Amalgam Carrier

Patented Easy-Disassembly Amalgam Carrier!

The Millennium lever-type amalgam carrier sets the standard for easy disassembly and fast cleaning of amalgam carriers. No more difficult handling of tiny screws and small screwdrivers to take apart the lever head. With Millennium, you simply push in and hold the Release Butt on on the side of the handle, gently push down on the curved end until it clears the flat spring, and pull out the end. That?s it!

It?s an incredibly precise mechanism in an ingeniously clever system, and it makes peaceful coexistence with FDA instrument cleaning recommendations easier than ever before.

Order one today from your favorite full service Dental Dealer, or call Buffalo Dental for more information

Features and Benefits:

  • Patented Push-Button Release Heads
    Makes handling, cleaning and complying with FDA recommendations easier than ever before
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
    Helps resist corrosion and increase life
  • Classic Double-Ended Design
    Provides excellent handling and performance


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