Finishing and Polishing Products

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Finishing & Polishing Products

for Mollosil? plus and Molloplast-B?

The successful completion of high performance soft relines requires the use of the correct set of instruments and polishes, in the correct sequence, to obtain the highest quality results. The following products from Buffalo Dental, used in the suggested steps, produce the optimum final surface quality in the shortest time for Mollosil plus and Molloplast-B relines.

Step 1 ? Reduction: SoftGrind™ Grinding Sleeves

Step 2 ? Finishing: Pre-Polishers

Also available-

For one-step trimming and gross reduction of Mollosil plus and Molloplast-B surfaces are the original MOLLOCUTTER Steel HP Burs in an assorted pkg. of 3 (#62280).

And for general grinding an d smoothing of relined surf aces, request our original Mollobrasive HP Stone Points in an assorted package of 3 (#62290).


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