V35 Electric Handpiece System

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High-Powered, Reliable, and Value-Priced 35,000 RPM Electric Handpiece System For Dental Laboratories

Features and Benefits:

  • Reliable Gray Electric Handpiece
    New design and high-torque motor provide smooth operation and powerful performance with less operator fatigue. Larger bearings, extra-strong chucking mechanism, and proven design promote increased reliability.

  • Variable Speed Foot Control
    Variable speed foot control provides fully variable speed operation from 0 ? 35,000 rpm and allows the system to excel at both higher speed and ultra-low speed (0 ? 500 rpm) operation.

  • Dependable V35 Control Console
    Four multi-speed options on the control console (14k,22k, 27k, 35k rpm) simplify console electronics, improve system reliability, and allow ideal speed selection for most cutting needs. Simplified design creates higher power transfer through the console and more torque to the handpiece. Console Made in USA!


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