No. 220 High Speed Air Turbine

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TOTALLY NEW Vibration Free and Super Quiet!

Powerful, Vibration Free, Super Quiet, and a Smooth Cutting Performance in a Dependable and Economical Package!

  • Decades of Success
    Time-proven workhorse air turbine in use in thousands of laboratories around the world

  • High-Powered Cutting Action
    350,000+ RPM provides powerful cutting action with standard FG burs

  • Ergonomic Design
    Small, light-weight aluminum design is easy to handle with less hand fatigue

  • Rugged Turbine Cartridge
    Durable friction Cartridge/Chuck system features long term reliable performance with gross trimming and coarse cutting tasks

  • Simplified Maintenance Requirements
    New Insertion and Removal Tool Sets simplify Cartridge and Metal Chuck

  • Small Size
    4.25? Long x .68? Diameter x 2.2 oz.


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