Abrasive Products

Buffalo TOUGH Carbide Lab burs

Made-in-USA Premium Carbide Burs Provide Outstanding Cutting Speed, Durability and Value!

● Ultra-Fast Cutting Automated manufacturing and highest-quality materials assure ultra-fast cutting and long lasting edges to save your time

● Excellent Value USA manufacturing location and automated machining centers assure premium quality, cut out middle men, and save you money

● Optional Titanium Nitride-Coated Heads Available with premium USA-applied thick titanium nitridecoated heads for longest-lasting edges and superior cutting

● Dual Cut & Diamond Cut Heads Available Traditional dual cut heads improve performance and
minimize clogging, and diamond cut versions pulverize materials and excel at acrylic work

● Optional Dust Shields on All HP Burs Patented dust shields available on HP burs protect help handpiece bearings from damaging dust (no extra charge- add –SH to end of HP Item No.)

Dust Shield HP Carbide Burs
Premium HP carbide burs with pre-mounted dust shields help protect your handpiece!

● Improved Handpiece Protection Dust shield shanks protect expensive handpiece spindles, bearings, and chucks by covering the chuck opening and blocking out damaging dust and debris

● Lower Maintenance Costs Up to 90% reduction of contamination inside the front of the handpiece
lowers handpiece maintenance costs and increases uptime

● Ultra-Fast Cutting USA-manufactured instruments feature ultra-fast cutting and long-lasting edges to save you time and money